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Comparative Law and Economics Forum (CLEF)

CLEF is a joint American-European-Asian forum aiming at developing a better comparative understanding of legal issues arising in various countries.


It comprises a core group of 17 scholars: John Armour (Oxford), Robert Cooter (Berkeley), Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (Amsterdam), Bruno Frey (Zurich), Nuno Garoupa (Texas A&M), Andrew Guzman (USC), Fernando Gomez-Pomar (Pompeu Fabra), Henry Hansmann (Yale), Gillian Hadfield (USC), Gerard Hertig (ETH Zurich), Lewis Kornhauser (NYU), Mariana Pargendler (FGV Sao Paulo), Katharina Pistor (Columbia), Susan Rose-Ackerman (Yale), Daniel Rubinfeld (Berkeley), Alois Stutzer (Basel), Thomas Ulen (Illinois).


The group generally meets once a year, one of the represented institutions being the host. Sessions were held in Berkeley (1992), Brussels (1993), Geneva (1994), New York (1995), Chicago (1996), Trento (1997), New Haven (1998), Torino (1999), Brussels (2000), Berkeley (2003), Zurich (2004), Chicago (2005), Barcelona (2006), New York (2007), Madrid (2008), Singapore (2009), New Haven (2010), Oxford (2011), Berkeley (2012), Rio de Janeiro (2013), New York (2014) and Leuven-Gent (2015). The 2016 meeting will take place in Taipei.

CLEF activities are of pluri-disciplinary and multi-national nature. In particular, the purpose is to conduct joint-projects dealing with topics suited to such an approach. A first project dealt with "Trusts", a second with "Arbitration and Conflict-solving".


In addition, CLEF facilitates exchanges among Law & Economics scholars, in particular by inviting promising scholars to present papers at its meetings.